GBPUSD – Sell it again? Why not! Lucky…


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 4/13/2017: 2 Trades, 1W – 1L, 50% win rate, +13.0 pips, +0.26%
Week 15: 6 Trades, 5W – 1L, 83.3% win rate, +45.8 pips, +0.89%
Apr 2017: 11 Trades, 9W – 2L, 81.8% win rate, +80.1 pips, +1.51%
2017: 17 Session, 31 Trades, 25W – 6L, 80.6% win rate, +281.3 pips, +5.43%


It’s probably not a good idea to try and make a surgically precise trade when you are sleep deprived. I missed a bit on this trade, but it managed to turn around. If I could have been patient for another 2 minutes I would have had about 20 pips instead of 13 and I would have had 2 winning trades instead of just the 1 of 2.

In the end… it does not matter. I’m happy to follow up my 21 pips from yesterday with 13 from today. I’m doing well for the month and I am on track for the month. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and I will be able to add another $10k May 1st. Eye on the prize… eye on the prize!!

For realz this time… goodnight.

GBPUSD – WTF! Finally made sense. Tired


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 4/12/2017: 3 Trades, 3W – 0L, 100% win rate, +21.8 pips, +0.42%
Week 15: 4 Trades, 4W – 0L, 100% win rate, +32.8 pips, +0.62%
Apr 2017: 9 Trades, 8W – 1L, 88.9% win rate, +67.1 pips, +1.25%
2017: 16 Session, 29 Trades, 24W – 5L, 82.6% win rate, +268.3 pips, +5.16%


This was a beater of a trade. Worked me really hard psychologically. Feels like every time I enter a trade it’s going to be pain. And whenever I DON’T enter… the market works beautifully when compared to my ideas. It’s only when I test the idea that the market has other things in store for me.

I have still yet to get a free and easy one where I can just sit on my hands. I will keep trying.

Haven’t slept in 24 hours… going to sleep now.

CADJPY – Jumped the gun a little, but clocked a win.


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 4/10/2017: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +11.0 pips, +0.20%
Week 15: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +11.0 pips, +0.20%
Apr 2017: 6 Trades, 5W – 1L, 83.3% win rate, +45.3 pips, +0.82%
2017: 15 Session, 26 Trades, 21W – 5L, 80.8% win rate, +246.5 pips, +4.71%


It was about 4am when I put this trade on. New York sessions was about to come on… CAD was showing strength and JPY was showing weakness, but the CADJPY was hitting a level of resistance that I identified prior.

I watched the USDJPY hit my exact price and fade away about 50 pips, but I didn’t jump in so I kicked myself a bit and forced myself to jump at the CADJPY which was being propped up by the stronger CAD. Well… it still had gas in the tank for another 22 pips. ATR was only at 36% with a lot of room left in it, but I tried to go for the level.

I’m not going to say this was a mistake, but the market is very good at “juking” … or making you feel like it’s going to respect a level when it just absolutely is not. I have still yet to catch a clean winner and have been limited for the most part to 10 pip singles. I’m really hoping to get the mindset in place for bigger winners in the near future, but as of now, I just don’t. Be that as it may… I’m still chipping away and right on par for what I’m expecting on a monthly basis. Can’t complain too much.


EURJPY & USDJPY – Small wins – I was scared


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 4/07/2017: 3 Trades, 2W – 1L, 66.7% win rate, +13.6 pips, +0.24%
Week 14: 5 Trades, 4W – 1L, 80% win rate, +34.3 pips, +0.62%
Apr 2017: 5 Trades, 4W – 1L, 80% win rate, +34.3 pips, +0.62%
2017: 14 Session, 25 Trades, 20W – 5L, 80.0% win rate, +235.5 pips, +4.5%



So I had a trade on the EURJPY where I got a bit faked out and only got 1.3 pips… and then hung on to a short for a USDJPY surge that was hitting a level of resistance and the upside of a downtrend. That and the possible Syria situation where we launched 59 bombs. I’m thinking the USD may get weaker, but this was also in the face of the NFP news that came out early this morning.

All in all… I’m happy to be out of this trade with the end of the week looming. Let’s get into this next week.


EURJPY – Impatience shouldn’t be rewarded, but it was.


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 4/05/2017: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +13.4 pips, +0.24%
Week 14: 2 Trades, 2W – 0L, 100% win rate, +20.7 pips, +0.37%
Apr 2017: 2 Trades, 2W – 0L, 100% win rate, +20.7 pips, +0.37%
2017: 13 Session, 22 Trades, 18W – 4L, 81.8% win rate, +221.9 pips, +4.25%


So this was a terrible trade, even though I created a profit. I kinda went rogue on this one and made my trade without sticking to my system. I missed a bunch of trades earlier in the day because I had my alerts turned off and because of that I forced myself to make a trade.

That is NOT the way to do this business. I’m a little disappointing in myself and I really need to stick to being patient. Not proud of this trade at all. And not proud that there were plenty of other trades that I did NOT take for the sole reason that I was afraid.

I need to get my trading environment locked down so that I can be much more focused. Gotta keep at this.

Alright… we see what comes for the rest of the week.


Little Win – CADJPY


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 4/03/2017: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +7.3 pips, +0.13%
Week 14: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +7.3 pips, +0.13%
Apr 2017: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +7.3 pips, +0.13%
2017: 12 Session, 21 Trades, 17W – 4L, 81.0% win rate, +208.5 pips, +4.00%


Quick trade on the JPY movement. I hit a low on the CADJPY that was over the 100% ATR mark and was also at a decent level of resistance. Figured I could jump in for a quick scalp.

I got out of this trade quicker than normal because I was unsuccessful at depositing an additional $10k to my account because of a glitch over at Oanda. While I was in this trade Oanda fixed the glitch and I wanted to get that deposit sent ASAP, so… I closed this trade and did just that.

I will be trading with a $20k account going forward. Hoping to be at $30k at the beginning of next month!

Alright… that’s all. Pretty chill.



Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 3/29/2017: 3 Trades, 1W – 2L, 33% win rate, +32.5 pips, +0.47%
Week 13: 5 Trades, 3W – 2L, 60% win rate, +56.4 pips, +0.87%
Mar 2017: 18 Trades, 14W – 4L, 77.8% win rate, +181.3 pips, +3.5%
2017: 11 Session, 20 Trades, 16W – 4L, 80.0% win rate, +201.2 pips, +3.86%


I really felt good about this entry, but it just did not work out the way I wanted it to. Which is again super frustrating because pretty much every other trade opportunity I set up did work out. I continue to get beaten up on these trades and for whatever reason I can’t pick up the easy winners.

I guess all you can do is just keep at it.

So… There needs to be some introspect here. I’m starting to think that, perhaps my approach to trading is NOT optimal and that huge painful positions like this are waiting for me. I’m not sure what to change or if positions like this are just the reality of trading and there is no way to avoid. I don’t know… I will have to dive into Forex Tester a bit more to find out.

Lesson: This trade could have been avoided had I first researched the news for the upcoming week. I need to find a good solid source for that and make it part of my routine to know what’s coming up for the next week or even two.

One thing I found is Bloomberg TV which seems to have relevant commentary and helps to break up the monotony a bit.

Okay… that’s all I got for now. By miracle alone I am still on for increasing my account April 1st.


AUDCAD – Technically a new session – Win +12.0 pips


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 3/28/2017: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +12.0 pips, +0.18%
Week 13: 2 Trades, 2W – 0L, 100% win rate, +23.9 pips, +0.39%
Mar 2017: 15 Trades, 13W – 2L, 86.7% win rate, +148.8 pips, +3.01%
2017: 11 Session, 17 Trades, 15W – 2L, 88.2% win rate, +168.7 pips, +3.77%


I really just want to protect my March. I saw the AUDCAD was at a level of pretty good resistance. I anticipate it will go down much further. Not just in the short term, but in the long term. Either way… I got the pips I was hunting. I will get better at taking larger bites out of the market when I get a bigger % buffer to work with. Trying to be extra careful in the beginning.

May trade tomorrow too. Out.

CHFJPY – Didn’t feel it, but quick 11.9 pip win nevertheless


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 3/27/2017: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +11.9 pips, +0.22%
Week 13: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +11.9 pips, +0.22%
Mar 2017: 14 Trades, 12W – 2L, 85.7% win rate, +136.8 pips, +2.83%
2017: 10 Session, 16 Trades, 14W – 2L, 87.5% win rate, +156.7 pips, +3.19%


So I set up levels and alerts on all my pairs just like I do every night. Alerts started going off right around 1am and I felt like they had more room to move because of the AHCA health care bill not going to a vote and what appears to be a little faith lost in the dollar. I figured there might be more in the tank for some of the USD based pairs.

Turns out… my bias and direction and levels were pretty spot on for about 6 different pairs. They all hit the level I anticipated and proceeded to give back between 20 and 40 pips. Instead of grabbing one of the trades that would prove fruitful… I picked the CHFJPY which gave me 10 pips right away, but then proceeded to reverse and then range and just kick me around for awhile.

For whatever reason, I cannot pick ones that just give up. The bulls kept pulling the CHFJPY up … and the bears were just able to slow them down.

I got out because I felt like the pair was going to bounce higher and I didn’t want to get trapped. I’m at the end of the month and near 3%. I want to protect this month as much as possible because I step up my account balance April 1st. I will error on the side of a small win… like my last few have been. It would really be nice to get a run away winner … sick of the run away loser!

On to the next one.

Quick Trade on USDCHF for +10.5 pips


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 3/24/2017: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +10.5 pips, +0.21%
Week 12: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +10.5 pips, +0.21%
Mar 2017: 13 Trades, 11W – 2L, 84.6% win rate, +124.9 pips, +2.61%
2017: 6 Session, 15 Trades, 13W – 2L, 86.7% win rate, +144.8 pips, +2.97%


Quick trade at the end of the week. I have been packing to move and going through things that I need to get rid of as well as selling pieces that I can’t take with me. I have been reluctant to trade while I’m in the middle of this.

It makes me realize how fragile my trading mentality really is. I think that it’s very important for a beginning trader to have as controlled an environment as possible. Trading is stressful and emotional. It pulls you in many different directions that are not familiar in the psyche and because of that I really believe having an environment that is clear of distractions and “harmonious” to ones inner neutral state is key. The thought of dealing with the stress of trading AND the stress of daily life would just up the ante that much more and create an environment for mistakes which would lead to blame which would then lead to doubt and could eventually discourage past the point of determination.

I anticipate when trading becomes systematic and there are 100′s of trades under the experience belt that it will calm down. I’m hopeful of that anyway… I don’t want to NEED a super controlled and locked down environment for forever!! Ugh…

This is just an observations in my own account, but who knows, maybe I’m just a snowflake on a warm day ;)

Week is dunzo. Looking forward to doubling my account April 1st if I make it through the last week of March unscathed.