Guess who is back!??! (SPOILER: IT’S ME!!)

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Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 11/12/15: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +24.2 pips, +0.06%
Week 45: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +24.2 pips, +0.06%
NOV ’15: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +24.2 pips, +0.6%
Total: 107 Days, 365 Trades, 274W – 91L, 75.1% win rate, +2410.1 pips, +78.15%

So here I am. Made my first trade of 2015 and it was a resounding 0.06% success! I’m trading 2500 units with a $10k account which equals right at 25 cents per pip. Very very little risk, but I feel that is the best way to start. The result really isn’t the effect I’m going after here, I’m really just trying to get my feet wet again at the right pace. At one point I was down as many as 60 pips which was right at 0.30% – Despite the lower risk I still felt the anxiety of being thrown around back and forth. It’s going to take me some time to get my bearing again and build up my tolerance to the crazy market dynamics and effects that they conjure.

I will continue to trade “small ball” until I find my natural equilibrium and from there I will gradually increase my risk to levels that I feel are sustainable during practically any market conditions. It feels good to be back though. That much is for certain.

I’ve been speaking with my Dad at length up to this point and trying to boil down some core “Golden” rules of trading to limit losses and generally help avoid massive damage to my account as I move forward. I’m going to put write those down here and I my goal is to make them fundamental to my trading plan going forward. I will work on the business plan aspect of things as I go. Things like: How and when to take profit / What trade size to work with / Setups for entry / Price action signals – All of those things come second to these core laws of trading.

Law #1: Never risk more than 1.5-2.0% of my account on any one trade AND never lose more than 5% in a month. If I lose 5% in am month I take a break. If I lose more than 2% on a single trade – then I am a reckless idiot who is destined to lose every penny to the market.

Law #2: Never increase risk or add to a losing trade. This means NO averaging the price when I miss an entry. I can only add to a position that is positive. When and how much to add to a positive trade is the job of the business plan which I will be developing slowly as my trading style becomes more clear to me.

Law #3: Never let a trade that is positive turn into a loss. For this law a positive trade is defined as any trade that is up 0.25% or more. Once a trade crosses the threshold of 0.25% in profitability I MUST move my stop loss to just above break even to accommodate for the spread. If I am stopped out… I will re-assess the conditions and determine a course of action at that point.

These laws are must be followed 100% of the time in all conditions and under every circumstance. By design, these laws are clear, concise and simple. They are designed this way in order to protect me and my trading account from myself and my bad judgement. I believe that these laws will be difficult to follow, but the better I get at following them the better an investment trader I will be. I need to make these laws as simple to execute as breathing or I will lose every penny in my account at some point.

These laws must be obeyed 100% of the time in all conditions and under every circumstance. They are designed to protect me from myself and require very little thought. THey are

EURUSD Helps Me Crack $30k!! :D


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 2/13: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +14.8 pips, +1.00%
Week 7: 2 Trades, 2W – 0L, 100% win rate, +28.8 pips, +1.96%
FEB ’14: 8 Trades, 6W – 2L, 75% win rate, +64.1 pips, +4.42%
Total: 106 Days, 362 Trades, 271W – 91L, 74.9% win rate, +2378.0 pips, +77.76%


*** Make sure to read the bold paragraph at the bottom!!

Alright… a few things here. It’s hard to see from the chart, but the EURUSD has an average true range (ATR) of about 77 pips and with the help of some news it had been boosted up to 79 pips early in the session which was one of the contributing factors to this trade. It was also a pretty strong price level of previous resistance that I felt would be compounded by the rally into the ATR. I was able to be patient and wait for this level because I went back to my old friend the price alert on my trading platform.

Overall I’m very happy with this trade. I had pretty much an ideal entry and my exit was okay… in the chart it looks like an amazing exit… but in the elusive world of hindsight the price continued to move another 7 pips lower. Eh… I got the lions share of a minor move in just a smidgen over an hour… Which ultimately means I’m ecstatic.

Two days in a row I got pretty fantastic entries and patience is 100% to blame. I’m going to bed happy with myself and my trading AND… my account broke into the $30k range all official like!! HUGE HUGE milestone. Tomorrow is a new day, so I will enjoy it while I have it. Until then.

One other note… Price alerts!!! I have no idea why I stopped trading with them… This is actually really important and should probably be bolded… hang on…  Okay, that is much better. In fact I’m going to notate the top of this entry to make sure I read this paragraph… One sec.  Alright… SO… I have been struggling pretty bad recently with my 3 month nightmare trade and the whole getting-beat-up-during-all-of-January-and-most-of-February thing and I’ve been wondering why I can’t trade as well as I did when I first started a year ago… What has changed? Why am I struggling so much where before I seemed to be cruising?

I can’t say it’s all because I’ve been trading without alerts, but I do remember when I used to trade with them and how I considered it to be STOOPID effective. I even have a couple blogs entries posted on exactly those thoughts and feelings (I think). Now… it could be nothing more than coincidence that I have been going though a tough time, but it could also just be that PRICE ALERTS ARE VERY HELPFUL YOU JACK-HOLE!! “YOU” meaning “ME” btw… 

So here is what I have been doing… that I did way back when I was a just a kid cutting my teeth on the trading shindig … I go over each currency that I track, and while taking into consideration the ATR, I select levels of support and resistance that seem to be likely areas of rejection and then I set a price alert at those levels. Rinse and repeat on all the currencies… then… I stop looking at the charts and watch “Big Bang Theory” or play a video game or just doze. If the price alert GONG goes off… I know I’m at an interesting price level and can monitor… If it doesn’t… then I go to sleep and more than likely get woken up and have no idea where I am when said GONG goes off.

The point is… it’s built in patience… and in a game where patience is not only valuable, but MANDATORY… it should go without saying that manufactured patience as awesome the cool side of the pillow! Coupled with my new found rule of closing EVERY (almost) trade -20 pips without exception (except when I don’t)…and my earned insight into price action from 1000′s of hours of watching candles being created out of thin air… I should have a much stronger selection of trading opportunities that are exactly that… opportunities, and not forced observations and conjecture that fits a paradigm I create just because I’m antsy and want to put a trade on. BAH!! So dumb…

Anyway… long way to say that it’s time to get back to the old school tactics… Whether it’s just coincidence or not… I got 14.8 pips tonight pretty handily… and alerts can easily be the difference.

Last note… I was also prepared to close my trade for break even if it came back at me. I was like that on the last session too… I really like the idea of NEVER letting a winning trade go negative…. ever. It will be hard I’m sure, but I think it’s one of those “never trade without it” kinda rules.

OKAY!! Good post… good session… good perspective and insight… good night!

Small AUDUSD Short – First Easy Trade Of 2014!!


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 2/12: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +14.0 pips, +0.95%
Week 7: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +14.0 pips, +0.95%
FEB ’14: 1 Trades, 5W – 2L, 71% win rate, +49.3 pips, +3.39%
Total: 105 Days, 361 Trades, 270W – 91L, 74.8% win rate, +2363.2 pips, +76.01%


Who cares how many pips I left on the downside here. I made my 10+ pips for the day and I’m stoked by that. I needed a relatively easy trade and I finally got it. Tonight was a total success in every single way.

TO BED!!! :D

My Miracles Are Cashing Pips My Brain Can’t Handle


Simply put… I am one lucky SOB. I’ve been riding the coat tails of luck beyond luck for a really really long time. Tonight has to be one of the most biggestestEST luckbox nights I’ve ever had.

Alright… so earlier this evening I thought… You know what… I’m going to try to do a break out trade. Usually when something gets moving it keeps moving, right? Right!!

I watched my old friend the USDJPY start to plow downward and I waited the perfectly prudent amount of time to make sure it was a legit move down and not some silly fake out. Right when I felt uber confident that it was going to keep cratering to the center of the earth… I sold it. And at that exact moment… the market thanked me for my money and immediately reversed and left me with my worst entry since that time way back when I accidentally sold when I meant to buy and it was the most sweetest entry I’ve still yet make to this day. Yeah… this entry tonight was probably WORSE than my all time worst entry.

Anyway… Immediately I’m down 12 pips… and then the games start. It is just a menagerie of mind games and flicks of the price to and fro… for me .. against me… for me … against me… see-sawing my brain down to a nub of emotionless putrification.

Then I realized… Non farm payrolls are coming out at 5:30am :(

This stupid trade worked itself from 0 pips… all the way to -20 pips… back to 0 pips.. back to -20… -25… -10… -25… -30… -40… ALLLLL the way right up to 5:30am … at it’s worst… I was down -50 pips. I didn’t see it though because my heart was beating through my eyeballs.

Anyway… it sounds a bit over dramatic… but the truth is, I haven’t been more afraid of the market then I was tonight.

Immediately the trade dropped 100 pips in my favor. I snatched up a 32 pip victory and remembered that I forgot to breathe for quite some time.

I came out of this horrible horrible trade… yet again. I really should learn to be a good trader at some point.

Oh yeah… My account balance just reached it’s highest point ever as of tonight. Yay! :D

Now to deep slumber. Gnight.

USDJPY Playing Mean Nasty Games With Me


This one was just mean… Downright… plain ole fashioned, mean. Earlier in the day I made a quick 2 or 3 pip trade in a tight range which … who cares? The real story was in the evening when I decided to go long on the USDJPY after watching it for hours and hours and hours respect a nice little uptrend. I waited… and waited… and patiently watched and stalked the price till it got to the exact price that I wanted and bought it. Within minutes… I believe it was 9 minutes from start to finish in fact, I was down over 20 pips and closed the position. I was PRETTY PISSED at the market for that one… and decided to do what anyone would do who has had their last straw of a market picking on them. I sold it immediately in the breakout direction.

This was a knee jerk reaction from a long string of trades that had been beating up on me. I remember seeing 12 pips for about 2 seconds… and then just watched as those little pips melted away into nothingness… My break even was breached almost immediately… and then I watched the sadistic market swiftly ascend to challenge me FIRST FREAKING BUY ORDER!!! It handily strolled right past it and start to climb higher and higher.

I broke my rule … yes… again. And watched as I went past 20 pips in debt… to 25… to 30… to 40… finally I said “Screw you market” and went to bed. I woke up in the morning to a steadily rising USDJPY. Finally at about -80 pips… I broke my second rule. I averaged my position. I watched as I got -100 pips behind and then miraculously the market started to come back my way.

It took a good 24 hours, but finally… after watching it bounce along my average price. It finally decided to give me a few pips and let me out of the trade. It wasn’t enough to wipe the previous loss out, but it was nice to be flat again.

So… the quick version of this story could easily be written in 2 words. I suck.

Maybe someday I will have a good session… certainly not this time.

I Escaped A Bad Entry … I’m Sleepy


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 2/3: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +6.4 pips, +0.45%
Week 6: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +6.4 pips, +0.45%
FEB ’14: 1 Trades, 1W – 0L, 100% win rate, +6.4 pips, +0.45%
Total: 100 Days, 355 Trades, 266W – 89L, 74.9% win rate, +2320.3 pips, +70.99%


I only made the one trade today. It was a pretty poor entry that went against me about 13 pips, but I managed to escape at the exact right time for a small 6 pip profit. The EURUSD ended up turning around right at my exit and after an hour it still hasn’t come back.

I want to trade some more, but I’m feeling pretty tired. There will be plenty of time for trading this month… Here’s to a good February!

EURUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY – win win Win ;)


Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 1/15: 3 Trades, 3W – 0L, 100% win rate, +19.8 pips, +1.35%
Week 3: 7 Trades, 6W – 1L, 86% win rate, +22.5 pips, +1.53%
Jan ’14: 9 Trades, 8W – 1L, 89% win rate, +29.8 pips, +1.56%
Total: 96 Days, 336 Trades, 251W – 85L, 74.7% win rate, +2308.0 pips, +69.73%

2014-01-14_22.01.22 2014-01-14_22.01.56 2014-01-15_01.01.20

I guess I can say that today was a great trading day. I made 3 trades and even made one of them from my phone!! That’s pretty awesome ;)

I’m proud of myself for continuing to make trades fearlessly at this nose-bleed-$20-per-pip-level. It hasn’t proven to be stressful so much as it has been making me excited to trade again. Knowing that there is a set limit to my loss really goes a long way to reminding me that trading is actually very simple: Develop and cultivate an ever-sharper edge in the market and close losing trades. That’s all there is to it.

I’m also proud of myself on my last trade of the day (EURJPY). Even though my entry was about as bad as an entry can get… I still haven’t broken my -20 pip rule or averaging the price of a bad position. I have simply been letting the market do what it is going to do.

When the London market opened and I finally got back into profit on the EURJPY… I must have wanted to secure a profit 1000 times, but I managed to sit on my hands and let the trade mature a bit. As of writing this I’m convinced that there is a lot more to the downside on this trade, but I had already been negative in it for so long that my stamina was gone and I just wanted out.   But despite that I did resist the urge to take profit immediately and got myself another 10 pips or so for my patience.

Now … for what I’m not happy about. That last EURJPY trade really got under my skin and started to make me very emotional. I was angry that the market went against me at the exact moment I put in the trade and I was angry that it toyed with me for practically the entirety of the trade. I really need to learn how to open up space in my mental schedule for a trade to “work” … I know that trading doesn’t happen in straight lines and that it has to breathe and undulate… but despite that knowledge I did lose my cool with this trade.

I am still very new and because of that I give myself some slack on my outbursts and tantrums. But it does make me realize that I’m not any fun to be around when I’m trading and I still have a long way to go when it comes to mastering my emotions.

In the meantime I will continue to work on the basics. Continue to to refine my entries. Continue to build my confidence in allowing a winning trade to play out and continue to hone my intuition about when a trade is no good so I can close bad trades sooner. My hope is that one day I will develop a certain artistic type confidence about my entries and rely on past experience to guide me in letting winners run and closing losers fast.

Alright… I’m DONE… oh.. and as of this moment… yeah… that EURJPY I was short in has gone down another 20 pips.  I’m still happy that I got out when I did…  IT WAS MAKING ME CRAZY!!!!  haha


AUDUSD Bites And NZDUSD Toys With Me



Results: (Link to myfxbook –
Today 1/14: 2 Trades, 1W – 1L, 50% win rate, -3.0 pips, -0.21%
Week 3: 4 Trades, 3W – 1L, 75% win rate, +2.7 pips, +0.18%
Jan ’14: 6 Trades, 5W – 1L, 83% win rate, +10.0 pips, +0.20%
Total: 95 Days, 333 Trades, 248W – 85L, 74.6% win rate, +2288.2 pips, +67.47%

2014-01-14_00.01.09 2014-01-14_00.01.32

Today was a really good trading day. I started the day losing 20 pips on the AUDUSD. It stung just like I would expect it to, but I took the loss and accepted it. I felt good about it. I stuck to my new rule. I believe I could have closed it sooner, but it was still a good exercise.

The next trade I made was on the NZDUSD. This little fella took me for a ride… came all the way down to -19 pips… just a few pips shy of my stop loss and then bounced and slowly made it’s way to +9 pips… then within 30 minutes dropped back down to -13 pips… and bounced again. I could have made another 8 or so pips had I just hung in there for another 10 minutes, but I looked at this day as a really good success despite the small loss and I was happy to be near break even.

This is a much more civilized way of trading… now it’s just time to get better at entries and to become more disciplined at sitting on my hands when I am in a winning trade and become increasingly intolerant of losing trades.